Opinion Articles

Equality For Women Does Not Mean Oppression For Men

Ten Daily

7 September 2018

I arrived in Australia as a seven year old and I’m still grateful

SBS Life

18 July 2018

The beauty of unpronounceable names is that we all eventually learn them

Sydney Morning Herald

15 June 2017

The irony of the government’s Harmony Day 18C assault wasn’t lost onanyone

Sydney Morning Herald Daily Life AU

22 March 2017

You have the power to change who we see on television

Sydney Morning Herald

16 January 2017

The Usual Suspects: Critics’ Predictable Response to Waleed Aly Misses the Point

ABC, Religion & Ethics

16 May 2016


4 October 2015

Scapegoating minorities may reap a bitter harvest

Sydney Morning Herald

8 July 2015

Religion and the Racial Discrimination Act: Don’t Muslims Also Deserve Protection?

ABC Religion & Ethics

25 February 2015

Sydney siege: why my heart sank when I saw an Islamic flag

Sydney Morning Herald

17 December 2014
Muslim women scared to go outdoors in climate of hate

Sydney Morning Herald

11 October 2014

It’s a niqab not a burqa ban

Sydney Morning Herald

1 October 2014

Why bigotry is not OK, Mr Brandis

Sydney Morning Herald

25 March 2014

There’s nothing un-Australian about taking an oath on the Qur’an

The Guardian

3 July 2013

Inescapable racism: Reflections of a ‘proud refugee’

ABC Religion and Ethics

16 April 2013

Abbott’s pandering betray: Why the Racial Discrimination Act is worth defending

ABC Religion and Ethics

13 August 2012

Blog: Finally, an articulate, highly educated Imam appearing on TV

2 April 2013

A Lack of Insight

Sultana’s Dream Online Magazine

August 2012  Edition

Cultural diversity now on the menu

The Daily Telegraph

7 July 2012

It’s time to leave Afghanistan

The Daily Life Fairfax

27 March 2012

Legitimising a fear of difference – major impediment to social cohesion

FECCA Mosaic Magazine

29 December 2011

Is Sydney a city of enclaves? The Question

The Sydney Morning Herald

12 November 2011

Ad campaign shows the real Islam

The Sydney Morning Herald

2 November 2011

Hoodlums who happen to be Muslim have no respect for Islam

The Daily Telegraph

15 August 2011

If Breivik was a Muslim he would have been branded a terrorist long ago

The Sydney Morning Herald

29 July 2011

Everyone loses if hatred prevails

The Daily Telegraph

6 May 2011

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